oan hoaliday

see ye aw soon awa tae the but an ben for a week up the highlands huv a great wee new year an dinny drink to much…happy newe year everyone
slainte joak

aw the best

aw the best an merry christmas when it comes ..can a just say a big ta very much tae ye aw for stickin aroond when times were were aw a big help tae me…. am just gettin ower the mother an father o hangovers…never again! thats why i huvny been aroond much..hud ma first wee can o mcewans tonight after a couple o days o nae swally an i think am ok!
so hope ye aw huv a guid yin an lang may yer lums reek !!!

feature time!

got a couple o features this week!!!!! s big thanks tae the war group for featurin dual2…and another big ta for featurin get off ma land in the image writin group am awfy chuffed and wid dae a happy dance if a kent whit it wis also its no very manly!…an i dinny ken if the floorboards wid take it!

card sale

from yin dear pal to another ..mar bought a card o my dear friend to add to her collection o my dugs ..ive a feelin she will be pretty upset as well as she has bought loads o dug photys


before ye aw say so whit its joak hes always steamin…its no that, its ma photy o steamin frae the bp has been featured in shots in the fog!…ive jist thought imagine if that place wis a distillary …its oan ma doorstep…naw stoap torturin yersel man

sold a card!

sold a card tae rob outram o enchanted dreamin o christmas dinner ..hes a star a star that stays in scotland!!!…so whit ur ye aw thinkin aboot get ower there an pay his site a visit cos its great!

appologies tae ye aw

sorry i huvny been aroond much but i need tae dae some work aboot the hoose afore christmas. i canny seem tae upload stuff frae ma pictures tae rb ..dinny ken whits wrong but its a pain in the erse,..but some guid news i won a challange!!! adjacent flames group voted pressy talk as the best in the challange ..thats two times myrna has won the group and it fills me wi joy that she has been remembered ..even though am greetin again ..silly erse i need tae get a grip!
hope tae get ma photies workin soon cheers

thanks to ye aw

just a huge thank ye tae everyone for the last time on the kindness shown when i lost myrna i keep findin beautiful wee tributes everywhere and it warms ma heart ..a special ta to kelly for the tribute on her page and chris clark for his great wee poem but i would love tae name ye aw but i would be here forever …dinny feel ye need tae say anythin i just wanted tae thank ye aw


firstly i would like to thank everyone who commented on realy means a lot and such genuine show of emotion from everyone has been great but has also made it difficult for me because i dinny cope very well when i read your comments. you have all been amazin and i feel bad cos i have not been able to respond to all the stuff that has been said but i promise i wil get round tae ye all.i feel really bad about valzart who did a tremendous tribute to me and so many of you that did wee links for me to look at i really dinny deserve it .
i hav just come up from my wee room where myrna used to sit an watch telly wi us ,its very hard and i know some folk will be thinkin bloody hell its only a dug especially after the terrible events in india, but that wee place is crap without her and ma du…


canny believe im havin to right this but my youngest dog is in intensive care after losin blood what a horrendous time..

bearer of sad news

In Memory Of Fiona McCAfferty
I waited to make sure that Frank would have wanted anything said before telling everyone but our good friend Frank McCafferty lost his beloved wife Fiona during the week.Fiona was only 49 and was taken very suddenly.As well as Frank she leaves behind a son Paul 26 and a daughter Lynn 24. We all know what a gent and good Scot Frank is, i have known him only for a year or so when he came to work beside me and can honestly say the man is one of the best guys to work with iknow. But i dont need to tell you that as everyone can see it from his honest and sincere comments on peoples work.It was Frank who introduced me to red bub so you have got him to blame! Frank has been on under a number of names,franmacimages and dafy duck but he is going under his own name ju…

double feature

i huv twa shots featured in the new scottish history group am awfy pleased a big ta to everyone who made the effort and signed up ate it im sure the guys will be pleased!

get yer scottish bums over there!!!!

just tae tell ye a couple o guys huv started a new group..scotlands history…they are lookin for stuff that tells oor countrys story ..its only got 3 members so far(includin me!) and they are top guys give them a bit o support…or i will come an hit ye wi ma big claymore!….that sounded a bit rude (calm doon ladies its no that big!)


i thought the idea o pittin a question at the top o yer photy ala bubble jeapordy wis that ye were actually supposed tae huv a wee go at guessin who it wis!…i mean whits the bloody point o askin an tryin tae huv a wee bit o fun when naebody actually guesses! ..i am the only person who pits a question up an no yin o ye has actually had a bloody guess…its quit simple “who is the wee guy in the kilt” surely ye can aw get yer heeds roond that question its no exactly nuclear physics!!
its obviously someone quite famous or i wouldny huv asked would i!!..i mean its no ma next door neighbour or ma boab i give up!

ya beauty!

sittin at work wi a really bad hangover feelin really sorry fur masel..thought i canny be bothered wi cooncil stuff ma heeds to sair im gonny look at rb….instant hangover cure…I WON A CHALLANGE….YE Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fireside chat won the adjacent flames all flames of love challange!!!
canny thank ye enough everyone who voted and thanks a million tae the group, and i didny huv tae give a sob story aboot ma wife nickin off wi the posty tae win it !

and thats no aw i am a featured artist in the scots are commin group!!!!!!…its like aw ma birthdays huv come at once!!
aw naw it can only go doon hill noo!
cheers an thanks tae ye aw!

hold the front page!

saw last night my “blast off” photy hud been faved by featured…hudny a clue whit that wis until this mornin an im oan the front page o the featured art for red b..a first for me so im excited….an i ddny even huv tae give ma wife tae the posty tae get there!

how tae win a challange

i huv entered hunners o challanges an never won yin..hud a couple o near misses but never got first..noo bein scottish i dinny like gettin beat at anythin so i got an idea watchin the telly the other night..
british folk will ken whit am oan aboot here
we huv twa programmes oan the telly oan a saturday night here strictly come dancin whaur a crap dancer gets teamed up wi a guid dancer and the public vote oan who is the best couple
and the x factor whaur folk huv tae sing various songs and again the public vote
noo both shows are mince but whit ihuv noticed, and there is a bit o a stooshie goin on over here, is that the best folk are gettin voted off and the crap folk are gettin tae stay
oan the dancin there is a bloke that isny exactly fred astair mare like fell doon the stair keeps gettin…


canny believe it i sent a link today!!!! ….i hope the post office dinny sqash it ,…it cost me £2.99 for have dozen frae a guid wee butcher doon the toon and its goin tae australia….mind you it tastes the same nae matter whit it looks like.
ha ha only kiddin i really sent a rb link and i never killed anybody in the process …well no that i ken aboot anyway…..i sent it tae john thunderbird so aw you folk that are think that big erse couldny send a christmas card ..go an ask him cos he got it wis a you tube thing..calico telt me how tae dae it ye are aw in trouble noo cos i kin dae links …maybe ye wid prefer sausages

top ten and feature

its time tae blaw ma ain trumpet again!!!…got a top ten in the as is orange challange wi ghosts frae the machines and a feature in the scots are commin wi maddy
i think m,a ghosts shot is ma most looked at photy…… probably only 10 folk huv actually looked at it but checked it 50 times each cos they canny believe i actually took it!

sold a wee card

came hame frae bein in england and got cheered up by agnes mcguiness who bought a card o ma wee thistle so aw you guys who thought i was a big lassie for puttin flowers on can just go away afore i hit ye wi ma hand bag
and the all flames o light group have my shot o fireside chat as a cover for thier challange so chuffed!!!

mars hame

mar has returned frae her mountaineerin exploits and bought yin o ma wee rosies photys …..whit a nice lass she is ..unfortunatley her wee cat has passed on so its a bit sad as well …..thanks pal!


ye huv aw tried an failed its no your fault i canny help bein a wee bit o a dunderheed but i canny dae it.
that adgray yin got me tae join her wee group elkphrases or somethin i didny ken that elks could even speak!…but ye huv tae dae links, i tried tae dae a link tae you tube an ended up blowin the fuse for the lights in ma hoose!! so am stickin tae scottish links
aha whits he oan aboot i hear ye say….well scottish links are sausages magic in a roll wi broon sauce! they urny quite as guid as square sausage but you lot dinny get square sausage either its a scottish thing if i could dae a rb link i could show ye a scottish link sausage but ye will huv tae google it or somethin, anyway a scottish link sausage or an rb link….nae contest get the fryin pan oan!

some guid news this week

whaur dae i start maddys hame and gettin better …and i have a photy on the front page o the most popular shots for one day ..aaaaand i sold a couple o cards tae heidi norman she bought two o winter warmer is that no awfy kind thank you pal xx
its funny how life hus its ups and doons!

havin a terrible week

sorry ive no been in thebest o fettle recently but things just urny gettin better..maddy my auld deerhound has been in the vets for two days and its no lookin very good we might get her home today all going well..she is the one in dreamin o christmas dinner …maybe see ye aw later

gettin by wi a little help frae ma friends!

no havin a very good week broadband still knackered and a death in the family.
but along come ma rb pals tae cheer me up orchidcat bought 5 aye 5 cards o just the best and tania donald bought yin o ma dugs calanders!!! makes me awfy happy when folk enjoy ma things and i canny thank you pair enough .it warms ma heart
slainte joak!

no quite sae scunnered

bloody cable folk didny turn up and sky huvny bothered thier erse fixin ma broadband i wis ready for choppin doon the telecom pole wi ma claymore when i thought i wid see how ma collab wi enchanted dreams went on ma works pc…..that cheered me up she has done a wonderful job !…need tae be quick in case i get caught ..check oot whit she has done wi ma shots ..i duinny ken how tae make the image big enough tae make a card cos rb tell me its to wee so ony help wid be appreciated ….sorry ive lost ma sense o humour a wee bit ..right back tae buisness whaurs ma claymore!

scunnered 2

still huvin trouble wi ma broadband should be fixed today…cos the bloke thats comin tae check oot ma router and connections isny gettin oot ma hoose till it is workin im gone tae cover him in dug food and lock him in a room wi ma dugs if he doesny fix it …..or maybe i will just set the wife oan him!…

and a great big ta tae kelly bermingham for buyin a card o smile for the camera!…shes a wee aussie scone and i canny thank her enough xxx
also enchanted dreams should have our colab up soon i canny get mine on cos o ma daft pc but check it oot she has done a superb job

top ten

just noticed that i huv got a photy in a challange top ten ….hing oan am just stretchin ma glasses tae fit ma heed…thats better…castle magic ..unusual angle challange..get yer joab applications in yer missin aw ma success!!!!

ta castle magic folk am awfy happy

joab vacancy

a canny cope wi aw this fame and popularity so i need a secretary tae dae aw ma donkey work cos i sold another card tae kalaryder who is goin tae send it tae her maw for christmas aw is that no nice whit guid taste she hus got! and enchanted dreams has been muckin aboot wi some o my dugs in front o the fire at christmas and she has done a brilliant job and i expect she might pit them on her site but im no to sure thats quite excitin and i canny wait tae see them on rb…so doon tae the secretarys joab
must keep feedin me wi whisky when am stressed oot..nae rubbish islay malts please
pit mair coal and wood oan ma fire when its cauld….the coal bags only wiegh 30 kilos so its no that bad
applicant must wear a joak strap ….so blokes dinny bother applyin
must be able tae unnerstand whit am s…

this is a doddle!!

a feature and a sale …av jist handed ma notice intae the cooncil cos am obviously to guid at this game!!!…orchidcat bought a card o wee rosie in just the best and the same photie was featured in the scots are commin!!!!…so a big ta tae orchid cat and the scots group …am awa tae pit ma feet up and let the orders roll in!!!
slainte joak

help ma boab!

this is bloody murder …right heres a suggestion….nae puttin stuff up at weekends ..oan a friday i like tae huv a wee swally in ma wee room wi the fire in it huv aw seen it ..oan a saturday i day some wee jobs aboot the hoose and huv another we swally at night….at 1.00am i huv a wee look and theres millions o photies comments and other things tae see ..i canny cope..and i get aw huffy cos i dinny huv time tae look at everythin!…so nae puttin stuff in at weekends awa oot an enjoy yersels an start oan a monday …crivvens i will start buyin hunners o ma ain stuff if i dinny faw asleep soon!..och am steamin ..night night ..if i dinny comment on everythin its cos av nae time!

a wee quickie

aye that got ye aw lookin!!!! ………..lookin for somethin else were ye!…well no on ma site! ..naw muscular teeth wanted tae ken whit selt wis it just means sold …like i huv selt a card …naw i huvny covered ma card in salt…cos thats a bit silly and pointless

naw ye dinny get rid o me that easy!..and ive selt somethin!

the next pic i pit up here will be o ma bloody pc wi a battle axe through it …its a pile o keich thats gettin malkied when i can afford tae replace it!…..anyway i canny afford tae replace it cos john thunderbird keeps designin new claes fur me an he charges me a bloody fortune tae buy them! ha ha only kiddin they are very reasonable and i recieved my new joak ale t shirt today and its extremely nice am awfy chuffed wi it i think aw the guys should buy one cos aw the lassies roond aboot here are droppin at ma feet when they see me in it ..mind ye the fact that they are rollin aboot laughin isny very nice!

hing oan though i can go oot and buy ma pc cos kelly bermingham has bought a card YA BEAUTY she bought a dreamin o christmas dinner yin ta kelly ye saved ma life xx

sold a card!

a huge big ta tae tracy d for buyin a card o “pressy talk” personally i think she has got wonderful taste!!!!!. it makes a wee change frae me buyin ma ain stuff!..she also bought it oan ma birthday is that no nice….whit birthday i canny mind a birthday ..thats it am aff the swally!!

stand by yer computers!

this could be the end o red bub…..i am gonny attempt a link!!….aw bloody hell surely no i hear ye aw say…..well i printed of the instructions frae john t and tomg so surley i canny go wrong….cover yer ears somethin might go bang!
right here we go noo whaurs that bit o paper ,,,ah here it is…ok let me see …ye put yer right leg in …ye put yer right leg oot ..oot ….in …oot an shake it aw aboot….naw naw thats the bloody hokey cokey ….hing oan here it is …..first chop up half a coo …then chuck in some onions …..wait the noo thats fur a steak pie…..jings i,ll never get the hang o this…. ah got it here we go …..gently insert yer finger intae the wee ring at the top o the can ..pull back carefully raise it slowley up tae yer mooth and take a bloody big gulp….hey ah can dae this!…ach i,ll dae …

go and huv a look

saw this guys football shots frae years ago and was attracted right away …but his bird shots are great ye should take a look his name is dsargent an he comes frae scotland which is another bonus!!!!…i know johnny thunder will get on tae me cos i huvny learned the wee link thing but i canny be guid at everythin!

how tae boost yer sales

its quite easy really and can be lots o fun!
first drink half a bottle o whisky
then drink aw the beer in yer fridge
wait till 1.30 in the mornin
by that time yer wee swally should huv really kicked in
go to pc and pit oan rb
now this is important cos if ye get this bit wrong yer no doin yersel any favours
just look at yer own stuff and naebody elses and choose a wee fav o yours ( if it has an emotional fell aw the better cos by that time in the mornin ye start tae get a bit emotional wi a swally in ye)
go tae the check oot bit an buy hunners o yer ane stuff
there ye go its as easy as that every body thinks yer great cos ye dinny huv tae tell them it wis you that bought them( i couldny quite do the last bit cos thats a wee bit dishonest)…

the down side is ye get a thick ear aff the wife the next d

dugs featured

MA who put super glue photy hus got a feature in the funny kritters group this is a new wee group so am chuffed! and ma discussion photy is holdin on in the 1 day popular shots !

popular page

wis just havin a look aboot an got a fright when a saw ma discussion photo on the 1 day most popular front page i dinny think ive done that before but i huvny really looked before so am quite pleased!

john thunderbird wear has now expanded

check oot the winter range o pants an t-shirts frae john thunderbird. these knickers will enable you tae stuff loads o thermal things doon them tae keep yer bits an pieces warm this winter cos they are ginormous!..even dumbo could fit his trunk in them! and the ladies t-shirts show joaks face stuck up a lovely bottom whit mair could ye ask for its the perfect christmas gift! they come in a lovely assortment o colours and if the wee joak strap pants dinny fit we canny take them back cos we ken where theve been!

feature and ma pc back

am no scunnered any mair cos i got ma pc back yesterday…. an barssel featured ma shot in horse an rider…. and ive got new pants and t-shirt ….its been a busy couple o days a think a need tae pack ma job in an be a full time bubbler….am exhausted .hing oan ma pants are givin ma erse jip….och thats better the noo

ma ain pants

why no get a pair o matchin joak pants tae go wi yer designer t-shirt john thunderbird has come up wi these rather fetching wee things(he showed me how tae dae the wee link thing but ive no mastered it yet)i really think they will catch on …probably catch on yer pakoras cos the look a bit tight tae me!! awa an huv a look at joak pants…. an thats ma bum in the photy by the way!

ma ain claes

that versace bloke better look oot cos me an john thunderbird are gonny be takin over the cat walk wi the joak line o clothin!!!! please take a look at his t-shirt its brilliant… maybe go intae under wear next joak pants whit mair could ye want!

a wee story

sorry av nae photos so i will jist write some crap insteed
a scotsman and an englishman dee an go tae heaven,god welcomes them at the gates and tells them he has a place ready for them. after a wee walk the they come across the most beautiful wee cottage ye have ever seen roses roond the door, cottage garden full o lovely scent,inside was stunning it hud its ane bar wi a pump that served an endless supply o warm english beer pictures o st george slayin the dragon on the wa an oan a great big flagpole a st georges cross(england flag). weel the englishman wis greetin wi happiness is this aw mine he said ,aye said god ye huv been a guid bloke aw yer life ye deserve thats no aw every day ye will huv a buxom barmaid bring ye a pub lunch.well ye can imagine the english bloke wis awfy chuff…

a quick wurd

velocity………………ha ha only kiddin it needs tae be quick cos av nicked the laptop again ! av nae photys oan this so it will just huv tae be a wurd an this wurd is whit a am the noo an whit ma wife will be if she finds oot av got her precious wee lap top!
its scunner noo this can take many forms ye can be scunnered like whit i am cos av nae pc or ye can be scunnered wi someone cos they make ye puke or angry (the wife will be scunnered wi me!)or ye can actually be a scunner like whit ma pc is or someone wha annoys ye (me an the wife again!).some o you scots oot there that watched a kids tv programme wi molly wier maybe mind o scunner cambell he was a nasty bloke who made the weans feart a prize tae the yin that remembers the name o the programme ….well an imaginary prize cos am scunnered wi ma …

need tae be quick

halo again huv pinched the wifes laptop when she wis sleepin cos she hates me usin this in case a break it! just tae say theres nay way a kin catch up oan aw yer stuff cos its been ages but am sure it will aw be great huv a missed anythin excitin …bloody hell huv tae go a think she is wakin up …sorry dear just havin a bit o fun ..yes remember that av no broke it iya that wis sore …huv tae go an fix ma burst lip

am no deed!

nae access tae a pc ….new motorbike …yee ha ….should huv ma pc back next week be up an runnin…ta tae everyone thats missed me cos av missed ye aw as weel .. aw is that no nice…..see ye aw soon off tae play on ma bike it was a pressy for me an the wife tae each other for oor fiftieth birthdays…need tae go its a works computer tata the noo

tumshie computers

sorry had nae internet for a week just got time tae put this wee notice up at work see ye aw soon!
dinny think ma pc is gonny recover frae gettin smashed wi a claymore!

shocked an stunned

mar has just bought three aye three cards “dugs in the dunes”,snow patrol an am that excited a forgot whit the other yin wis! may the road rise tae meet her an she has the trip o a lifetime when she goes intae the hills next she is some lassie is she no!

yer new wurd

today at work a new crop of apprentices started with us and tae be honest i think they aw share the same brain cell…they have wee shots of it each ..maybe for a bit hour or so cos any mare than that and they start speakin in sentances o mair than ane word and it tires them oot and they canny dae any work. as ye will al know they can only speak in mobile text language like…..hi m8 c u l8tr …its like a bloody car registration… aw they dae is stare intae there phones aw day.
well heres whaur the new word comes in …i wis oot checkin on one of our rewire squads when i heard a voice frae one o the hooses we were workin in sayin ..if you dinny pit that f****in phone doon i will shove it up yer f?in ar?e ya wee of our tradesmen was less than pleased with our new start!
noo dinny worry t

back frae hoaliday

just back and see that mar has bought dugs in the dunes! awfy nice tae come back tae and am a bit scunnered that i wisny hear tae thank her. ta tae everybody that took a look at ma stuff when i wis awa i canny respond tae ye aw cos am a yin finger typist an it takes bloody ages even doin this !

joak lessons

wisny sure if this is a guid idea or no cos theres a lot mair brainy folk than me oot there but i sometimes get folk commentin back tae me that they dinny ken whit am oan aboot …mostly folk frae foreign countrys like england, america or aussieland tae name but a few . noo half the time i dinny ken whit am oan aboot so its no easy so i thought i would every now and again pit up a word that i have been asked aboot and try and explain it this isny ment tae be a lesson on scots cos as i said before theres folk like jen who knows her stuff and ranald who speaks better gaelic than bonnie prince charlie aw naw wait he spoke french or somethin well anyway he speaks it better than somebody whos really guid at it ,but i can only give a daft joak take oan it cos i work for the cooncil and am n…

featured work

a big ta for pickin ma dugs in the dunes as one o the featured shots for the scots are commin group….i bet yea are aw thinkin maybe if wee feature him he will stoap pittin dug shots up!

its mar time again!!

the head o the hareem has purchased another dug card ..the eyes have it…what can i say its astoundin how kind she is ….maybe what i can say is the rest o the hareem is chucked!!!

picked for the scots avatar

so proud tae be picked for the avatar by chaz milne its a big honour and glad my wee bit o fartin aboot wi my shot worked no that it was anythin technical! huv a look at chaz stuff i hadny seen it before but will certainly be lookin out for him now …cheers mate!

mars dugs

shes done it again …mar bought a card o almost home …i canny put up any more dug shots as she is buyin them all! i am so glad i discovered this place cos i have so many new pals thank you

another sold card people.... are so kind

just back from a wee break and after yesterdays sale …another friend Ginger Barritt has bought a card of little and large and first christmas i cant beleive peoples generosity and as both these cards feature wee rosie it makes it even more special …Ginger has been a good pal on this place as have you all and it brings a tear tae ma eye when i think of al the support i had during that wee spell …at least i know more people are enjoying her know…a great big thanks!

sold card

some kind sole has just bought a photy o wee rosie in first christmas thank you so much and hope you enjoy it as much as wee enjoyed her
thanks again
would love tae know who you are tae thank you properly

a wee break

off tae a wee but an ben up the highlands fur a few days see you aw soon and keep guessin for the highland charge …if you arny bikers ye might struggle but they are oan telly every night and i am on one o there shows!

mars dug collection

i need tae stop puttin dog photos on cos mar is gonny huv nae pocket money left! she has bought a card o myrnas seat for her collection whit a star . she needs tae be the heed yin in the hareem noo!
thank you so much

slainte carol

halo carol lirette has bought a card o myrnas seat the wee scone that she is !so a great big scottish hug goes oot tae her……let me think noo if i could set up a competition between her and mar tae see who could buy the most dug photos i could maybe retire!

ma dugs

i think we should all put together and buy mar a deerhound it would be cheaper for her and she wouldny need tae buy aw ma dog shots!

thanks again mar

Mar bought a card o first christmas today i think she has got as many pictures o my dogs as i have! thank you so much mar, i am humbled by everyones generosity and thoughtfulness
thanks a million

thanks...from ma wee angel

just had a wee moment when i thought i could have a look and see what was going on ….i was not prepared for the response to wee rosie ….thank you all ..i cannot bring myself tae read them yet only did a couple and it was to much …cant believe how kind you all are i will be back when it stops hurtin

loyalty and trust is not something that is easily gained
but a dogs trust needs the utmost respect

little angel

wee rosie lost a short and very unexpected fight for her life on thursday and dont feel i can contribute to rb for a few days……my heart is broken….check her out on little and large in my profile she is the wee one on the left ….sorry have to go

for the guys at culloden

a huge ta very much for honourin me but mostly for bringin our past to everyones attention. jen picked makin ready for the scots are comin avatar and i am so happy to see my countrys flag up there on the avatar there are folk out there who have forgot mair than i ken aboot photography so iknow it couldny have been an easy choice so pleased
slainte tae ye aw!

thanks nemirna

canny beleive another sale . Nemirna bought a card o ‘queen o the castle’ thank you so much it gives yer confidence a wee boost. recommend ye go an have a wee look at her stuff its first class
cheers pal

mar sylva ....a special person

i cant be leive the generosity of mar she has bought another of my cards kind but for a true measure take a look at her shot of samantha and cowboy roy and see for yourself how kind she is
cheers mar all the best you deserve it

another sale

Just want to say a great big THANK YOU to Mar Silva AGAIN for buying a card of “END OF THE DAY” she has been a great friend and gave me lots of support we have had a lot of good laughs in the wee time i have been doing this so

please help me oot

Canny beleive i just sold a card of “sundance” really really want to thank the person who bought it but dont no how to find out, can any body help, so happy and thank you so much whoever you are!!

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