my happy place, my peace, the joy of movement

now then…it’s a little known fact… that i’m kind of a fitness instructor. okay… not KIND of. i am actually a certified dance fitness instructor. i started late in life a couple of years ago with local classes, which had me hooked immediately and returning 2, 3 then 4 times a week (any class would do, i wasn’t and am not, picky – however yes, i do specialize currently in one of them.)

and i’ll tell you this about dance and fitness – it’s THE valhalla without being dead.

it’s my happy place – the spirit and freedom of movement. my body doing what i tell it to do, when, how fast, how slow and functioning like it’s supposed to be. it makes me forget any of the drama in my life for the one and a half hour sessions i’ve just chucked myself into – i look forward to them like i would a sunday roast dinner (if i could be assed to make one lately).

the music, admittedly, is generally the talentless mixes generated by 20 year old artists who have writers do the work then adapt their voices and sounds on pro-mixers in order to get the bpms, bass and quirky vocal twists just right. but i’m okay with that… i’m not listening for a message, or for some deep and meanful indication to apply to my life… i’m using it to encourage an automatic response to simply… move.

there’s nothing better than having a complete blowout for the day in the form of mind draining kinetic bursts of energy set to the obnoxious, intensely addicting loudness of a 600w system blaring behind your backside.

it makes me forget any of the bullshit i’ve just eaten – and enjoy the moment. and really…what better gift to give yourself than the present?

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