Over the summer I was lucky to have the chance to go to Europe with a photography class.

We flew to Munich, then Athens where we stayed a full day, toured the Acropolis and left the next afternoon for Santorini. We stayed in Santorini for two nights and got to see all the major cities on the island, then took a boat back to Athens where we spent the night. Early that morning, we left for a 24 hour boat ride to Ancona, where we caught a train to Venice. After spending two days and two nights exploring Venice, we got on a bus, then a train headed to the Cinque Terre, which was a small fishing community on the Italian coastline. We stayed in the town of Levanto for another two nights, and then took a train to Milan, where we spent our final evening before leaving the next morning on a flight back to the USA.

If anyone is interested, my class published a book with our favorite photographs from our trip. It is for sale at :

It features 10 photos from each student, myself included. If you are curious about which photographs are printed, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks!

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