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I am proud of my Native American Heritage and am making it a goal to return to a lot of the old ways. / Photography is my friend and...

I need to get this out

I try to do the right thing for family and friends, the environment, our community. It doesn’t take legislation (more government) to mandate decent corporate behavior; look at Ben & Jerry’s, for example. But laws that prevented excess and abuse were repealed and the Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights citizens have. Now we have the biggest crisis in social injustice ever in this country. Real unemployment at the same level as the Depression. One in seven families qualify for federal food assistance. If you don’t think you know someone who is hurting, it’s because they’re not telling. Poverty, financial distress, food insecurity, underemployment — call it what you want — is humiliating. We must have a balance of power between government and industry, because industry has proven it cannot be trusted when given the keys to the candy store. In solidarity WE THE PEOPLE MUST DEMAND CHANGE, OR WE WILL CHANGE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THAT POWER.

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