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I am proud of my Native American Heritage and am making it a goal to return to a lot of the old ways. / Photography is my friend and...

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Osiyo Unalii!

I am proud of my Native American Heritage and am making it a goal to better learn my native tongue as well as return to a lot of the old ways. I understand our wild brothers and sisters and spend much of my time amongst them talking with them and listening to the world and seeking guidance from Grandfather. I try to frequent as many Pow Wows / Wasipis as possible, and when there, the world just shuts off as the drums get into my soul and I feel the embrace of the sun and the kiss of the smoke. I am an expert tracker, herbalist and guide and incorporate as much of my knowledge into my art, I hope it is here long after I have dropped my robe and joined the other stars in the sky

All money made from the sale of any “First People” will be donated to:

American Indian Heritage Foundation

I photograph, paint, sculpt or create what makes me happy, if you like it that’s ok too. I am starting to do First People Art on bones, you can find me on the backroads at any given time pulled over to the side rummaging in the brush or along creeks or river edges. Actually it is not uncommon to find me digging through a dumpster to re-purpose a piece into installation art.

Guaranteed my camera is with me at all times. And when at home CS5 is almost always fired up. So thank you for reading this, I am inspired by all these spirits of creativity and generosity.

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I am a Fighter!

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My Music & Photo-Manipulations

This is an original song I did (keyboards & vocals oh… and computer programmed drumbeats) along with Nes Gamez (guitar) we were a fairly popular local outfit in Dallas – Angels & Aliens in the early 90’s. Added my creations to the tunage for the hell of it, enlarge and enjoy / Song: “Love Me To Death” / [Video]
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First Voice - First People

My first attempt at doing a video montage using my photography and art, very small indeed / click the expander to view large please / [Video]
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My Guilty Pleasure

Ok these are not aimed at any one thing or anybody at all. I have a weird sense of humor and have been making what I called “Flames” for nearly 15 years, now they’re called “Memes”. More to come, everyone welcome to add their own here, as laughing is the awesome sauce
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I need to get this out

I try to do the right thing for family and friends, the environment, our community. It doesn’t take legislation (more government) to mandate decent corporate behavior; look at Ben & Jerry’s, for example. But laws that prevented excess and abuse were repealed and the Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights citizens have. Now we have the biggest crisis in social injustice ev…
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