My Life as a Chupa Chup

I was made in a bloody great factory. The first thing I remember was when a piece of plastic was stuck in me and I was spat out of a shiny machine. I think it must have hurt but I can’t seem to recall any pain. Then they wrapped me in more plastic and I couldn’t see a damned thing.

I hung around in the factory for a long while. I figured things would sort themselves out and they did just that.

Now I am stuck in a display stand, all my friends are moving on and I feel very lonely sometimes. Have they gone to a better place? Strawberry & Cream says that they have, he says that when we leave the display stand “we combine with the body and spirit of gods and go on to eternal and meaningful existences”. I am not so sure…wouldn’t it be weird if we just sort of melted away and there was no real purpose to it all?

My life as a Chupa Chup by Brett

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