There is so much that brings me to my knees

The voice of a talented singer, amazing gift of oil renditions or any discipline that creates what I can’t.

The laugh of a baby, the wonder of it’s first step, the quick understanding of it’s surroundings, a mothers love.

Words tied together in a manner that sings and draws a picture for my perception.

The capture of Gods gift to us in a photo that I can hold forever.

The close warm fuzzy of a lover

So much more !


I don’t question why it took me so long anymore.

My knees is where I belong.

I recall the words of a Willie nelson song, I have seen the heart of a woman scorned turn form gold to stone and I am so very sorry.

I was such a self centered child when I cheated on my wife.

I loved her so very much

Now she is gone and I live on.

Go figure !

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