My country, The United States of America

We are in trouble and that hurts us personally.

I love my native land, it’s like heaven here. the people are like most places, friendly, helpful, loving, caring, and spiritual, outwardly.

The land and animals are gorgeous. Our neighbors adore us. :-)

We are almost in a depression, economically. We have a president who deceived us into a war we will never win and it’s cost us a lot more than money. Because we entered this travesty we pay more for everything as our dollar devalues daily.

We are distracted from reality watching a black man and a woman campaign to be the first of their race or gender to be president.

Families have been falling apart for years with drugs, infidelity, terrible indifference for our children as they use there computers for porn or anything other than studies, a growing lack of morality and good judgement. We graduate kids who can’t read in a system of education that has become a joke.

There is such a gap between the wealthy and poor, we need hang our heads for lack of concern.

As I write this, I weep ! I served this country in the Navy, Police Department, Security for retail business, and am now being paid social security money that will run out soon. My wife waits for me in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, a military defined place of rest that is far more beautiful than a lot of our cities.

Crime and drugs are rampant as the inner city near where I live is the most dangerous place on earth, statistically.

We are experiencing the effects of global warming while fools debate who caused it or if it really exists.

Our people are loosing jobs faster than we replace them with folks abroad who work cheaper. Our desire to do hard work has waned so badly that bordering countries people do our grunt work.

We have shot ourselves in the foot and are now watching us bleed to death.

There is more but the tears are blurring my ability to type.

I will soon meet my maker and I will be ashamed to admit I have been a part of this.

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