Occasionally in life

I have run into situations I wish could be different and have had problems giving up trying to control outcomes.

Acceptance of life on it’s terms is difficult when I wish for different results.

The wisdom of this planet dictates take it as it comes,make plans, don’t plan results, and let go and let God, has been a problem in my past.

I am going to try and exercise the fact that God probably has better plans for me than I have for myself.

Today, I want to practice letting go of my will, being my will has often caused me trouble.

I can be selfish as hell, thinking I am looking out for Jim, when it should be obvious to me, from past experience, God does a better job of that.

I have loosened my grip on the present, perhaps it’s time I lessen it on the future as well.

Love to all as I am becoming more well.

June 4th 2008

My oldest daughter, Michele, has a birthday today. I will not say how many of these she has seen.

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