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  • Front panel is edge-to-edge custom printed just for you
  • Sublimation transfer technique prints crisp, bold colors
  • Note that due to the production process, the placement of the print may vary slightly from the preview
  • Printed front panel is 96% Polyester / 4% Spandex. Plain color back panel, sleeves and neck bind are 100% Cotton
  • Graphic T-shirts feature your chosen design, by an independent artist
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Winds of Jupiter Generative Painting
Designed by Jim Plaxco
Winds of Jupiter is a generative digital painting of Jupiter and is based on an image acquired by NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter. I created this painting using a modified version of one of my generative painting programs. From the NASA Juno web site: "NASA’s Juno spacecraft skimmed the upper wisps of Jupiter’s atmosphere when JunoCam snapped this image on Feb. 2, from an altitude of about 14,500 kilometers. Streams of clouds spin off a rotating oval-shaped cloud system in the Jovian southern hemisphere" You can see the original image at https://www.missionjuno.swri.edu/news/jovian-art
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Graphic T-Shirt

Winds of Jupiter Generative Painting by Jim Plaxco