fickled fuddled confusion

fickled fuddled confusion
upon the dreary lanes of the civilized world
were social darwinism thrives
like a vive of forest given life upon the sea of despair
begin thoughts obsolete and decaying
shunned out of society in fear of enlightenment
embrace absent-minded fools for they make best flock of sheep
too many beginnings but not enough ends
oblivious to the forsaken concequences that may lie ahead
rage war against the bonds of obediance that binds us
without rhyme or reason we contradict in question the words freedom and unity
the sun is setting on this retched age of man
inescapable change is coming
i, as in indigo, see this current whorld order is folly and corrupt
this change will start with my self
you can not let go of your fears and that is why history shall not remember your name

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