What price is your art worth?

There has been countless discussions both here on Redbubble and with friends and colleagues over a glass or three of some scrumptious wine – the question always being : What price should I put on my work?
Some of my friends just try and get back the costs of printing, framing and exhibition fees, just so they can get their work “out there” and get some positive recognition of their work.
I have usually taken the line that while costs must obviously be covered, above this there should be a cost in recognition of the artist/phoptographer’s ability and vision, while also trying to recoup the hours of post processing etc. While this has meant only limited sales, I know that each purchasor has truly appreciated my work and not just thought that it compared favourably on price with mass printed posters from China.
I invested some good dollars in having a couple of images printed on quality canvas with the size excedding 1200 × 900 mm. And this week, while exhibiting at Nepnethe Wines as part of the 2010 Heysen Festival I have sold this piece Out of the Clouds at a price well above “cost” – reflecting the time and effort invested in a piece of art.

The moral to the story – Believe in yourself and do not undersell yourself

Nepenthe Wines
Jones Road Balhannah
Jim Filmer Photographic Exhibition
Sat 18 Sept – Sat 20 Oct 10.00am – 4.00pm
Images presented are an insightful social commentary or simply capture
the essence of a scene unfolding at the time. A range of cross processing
techniques are used to bring the images to life.

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