10,000 B.C

1 day, I had a dream
There were no such thing
as low self esteem, dope feinds, or bling bling
no flat screens,no flipscreens, no touchscreens
high definition or plasmas
There where no machines to help us move faster
appreciated animals more
when used for transport
No, energy plants thinning our air up
trapping heat inside the atmosphere
No, sattelites poking holes in the ozone
& Alaska’s still froze almost half the year
you can call it a fairytale
you can call it a hoax
truthfully i dont reall care
call it what u want
but black holes didnt come
everybody had 2 hunt
if you, wanted to eat
cause nobody had heat
had to use our hands
doin my dance
way back then in 10,000 b.c

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