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Vigex is the Victorian international photographic Salon I am honoured to have two of my entries accepted( the same two which wre acccepted at Maitland) because of the large numbers only Award-winning entries will be exhibited but this will be an exhibition of the best of the best from around the world at the Geelong art gallery little Malop street from 3rd May to 1st June, weekdays10-5 wekends&holidays1-5pm.
Also, slideshows of all acceptances willl be shown at the Melbourne Camera Club(corner Ferrars and Dorcas streets South Melbourne) on 24th and 25th ?May at 2.30pm. and4.00pm these will be marathon slide-shows with more than 100 images to be shown.the statistics from this competition are amazing all entries are prints;.from 35 countries,455, photographers, 3,924 entries were submitted. not to be missed if you are into photography regards to all, Jim.

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