There is no limit to the interference .... this is disgusting.... "SUPERVENT"... THIS TOTALLY BROKE MY HEART

Hi All

I know how hard it is as a person who lives in a world that doesnt seem to understand them, and how predjudice people can be. specially regarding things they do not understand. BUT there is no excuse for some of the Harmful and DISRESPECTFUL, things that go on in the name of Society.

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook, I think its important to read about how narrow minded peolpe still are.

Its so easy too loose everything normally, but too loose something not because of your own efforts but because someone has taken your rights away …. specially those rights you have fought for and specially made sure were “secured” is so unacceptable.

i cant help thinking maybe we can do something for this Poor soul. If only to just show support. Any ideas ?

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