White haired choir

This painting popped out while I was working on a repurposed canvas. What does that mean?

It means that underneath is a painting of blue lilies and bright golden bubble bees in a joyous dance. I have moved a long way since that little painting that was done as demonstration in a class.

This one was done in a totally different way. It was built from a background that was accumulated from the colours that felt right. Yep, felt right, and then lived with for a few days, turning and moving it, till I could see into it and that is when I began so see the form of the choir.

I began to highlight them and bring them out. I began to work on the picture, finding the nuances and the shadings.

The hair was a different colour at one stage but simply had to be white again. They seem to be standing around a pool but the has been many things in the transition of this painting,

In the meantime I was doing other pictures. I hung my little choir on the wall only to pull it down and add pen work and overlay an ink wash.

To me, these wise crones with their singing voices, cheery outlook, joined in joy and laughter are to help us relax into the process of growing, moving and floating into our third realm of life.

They always bring a smile to my face.

We still have such an inner resistance to the act of ageing, to the slippage of time into past. This final act of time becoming less and yet we are inwardly, still the boundless child and the wild teen, the frustrated adult waiting to be the emerging butterfly. We are still asking when.

The choir is simply saying now,

Now is the time to sing and dance. Now as all the illusions of barricades and burdens can not be sustained, is the time to jump off the cliff and plunge!

Plunge willingly and joyfully deeply into what ever it is that waits.

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