Trying To Make A Career

Alright, so I’ve always had the mindset of whatever I do, I go 100%. Unfortunately up until now, everything I’ve gone 100% in hasn’t been my true passion. Currently I’m a cook at Fasta Pasta, I’ve been there for two years and I’m already one of their main cooks. I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life, as in what career path I wanted to go down. I became a cook because I needed a job, and I was lucky enough to be offered it.
Recently though, I picked up a camera and started photographing animals. I found that I really enjoyed it. I’ve always loved animals, snakes are my favourite! So because of the fact that I was enjoying photography, I thought to myself “Alright, why not be a bit more serious about it.” So I went out and bought an amateur sort of camera, a Canon 700D. It came with two lens’ a 18-50mm and a 55-250mm. That’s when I really started to enjoy it, I went outside and took photos of my pets and some of the birds as well!
One of my friends told me to use Adobe Lightroom instead of Photoshop because it is a lot easier to get used to, so I did. I found that I really enjoyed editing the photos and I liked seeing the difference between the original, and what I had created.
Basically, my end goal is to make a career out of animal photography! I’m hoping that posting on Red Bubble will help me achieve this goal. I’m very open to opinions, so if you have something to say about my photos please feel free to express your opinion. Any feedback is good feedback on my page!
I post all of my photos on Instagram, so please if you have a spare second go and follow me. It will be greatly appreciated :) the link for my Instagram is in my profile!

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