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  • Removable, individually kiss-cut vinyl
  • Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows, etc.
  • 1/8 inch (3.2mm) white border around each design


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Jewel Wasp & Zombie Cockroach
Designed by jezkemp
What a team! Maybe they could fight crime. Look at the baby jewel wasp, punching his way out of Zombie Cockroach! He's waving! What a little cutie. Nature is amazing. Nature is also disgusting. In the case of the jewel wasp, she's both. Read here for the "horrifying truth about the jewel wasp":http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2013/01/07/if-youre-going-to-live-inside-a-zombie-keep-it-clean - don't worry, I summarised it here too. It's insane! -Wasp finds suitable cockroach, stings it to immobilise front legs -Wasp directs its sting into specific parts of the cockroach brain and releases specific neurotoxins -Wasp finds secluded place to store cockroach -Cockroach regains control of legs but doesn't run away. Cockroach is now zombie cockroach. -Wasp comes back, bites off one of cockroach's antennae, has a drink. -Wasp grabs stump and leads docile zombie cockroach to secluded place -Wasp lays egg, which hatches into larvae. -Larvae eats into zombie cockroach body. Zombie cockroach is physically healthy (minus 1 antennae) but doesn't run away. -Eventually larvae eats a big enough hole in cockroach to live in. -(This is the best bit!) Cockroaches are dirty animals that can carry particular bacteria which are highly dangerous to jewel wasp larvae. So, the larvae secretes an antibacterial which cleans the inside of the cockroach so a) it can live there and b) it can eat it. -Cockroach eventually dies. Larvae spins a cocoon inside the husk, then emerges as a wasp. AND THE BEAUTIFUL CYCLE OF LIFE CONTINUES Follow me on social media, new designs all the time! "!http://www.jezkemp.co.uk/jez%20kemp%20instagram%20logo%202015%20100.png!":http://instagram.com/jezkempinsta "!http://www.jezkemp.co.uk/jez%20kemp%20tumblr%20logo%202015%20100.png!":http://jezkemp.tumblr.com "!http://www.jezkemp.co.uk/jez%20kemp%20twitter%20logo%202015%20100.png!":http://twitter.com/jezkemp "!http://www.jezkemp.co.uk/jez%20kemp%20facebook%20logo%202015%20100.png!":http://facebook.com/jezkemp "!http://www.jezkemp.co.uk/jez%20kemp%20design%20facebook%20logo%202015%20100.png!":http://facebook.com/jezkempdesign "!http://www.jezkemp.co.uk/jez%20kemp%20pinterest%20logo%202015%20100.png!":http://pinterest.com/jezkempdesign


Jewel Wasp & Zombie Cockroach by jezkemp

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