I for one welcome our new Duvet Coverlords!

It’s barely a month since pillow cases were released, and now duvet covers are here. Good work Redbubble :)

No official announcement yet, but I’ve worked out the template is roughly 11500px tall and 13500px wide. That’s for the full King Size spread though, the “twin” (single?) is much smaller.

The question is, will they automatically apply files already uploaded as posters to the duvet covers? I’m guessing not, for 2 main reasons:
- Apparently people got angry when they did this for throw pillow covers (not sure why, they’re just trying to help us sell things)
- As above, the template size is huge – even the full poster size 5000×7100 wouldn’t cover it

So now might be a good time to get out your auto batch-resize process in Photoshop and make all your files big. Not sure how? Have a quick look at my journal post about resizing and batch processing files in Photoshop – I need to update it, but the main factors are there.

You can use Photoshop to:
- fit an image to a certain size – even to make it bigger (often useful when using Edit → Trim)
- enlarge the canvas to a certain size
- record these actions and then automatically apply them to an entire folder using File → Automate → Batch – either applied to all files in 1 folder, or saved as new files in a different folder

Of course this only works for vectors and vectorised effects which don’t lose quality when enlarged. If you make your JPG or PNG files bigger, they’ll look fuzzy, pixellated and crappy.

The simplest option may be to resize all your pillow cover templates (which are square) up to 13500×13500, which will fit. Of course that’s a lot of file space, depending on how many designs you have.

Unfortunately a Redbubble batch uploader isn’t available (yet? please RB boffins?), so you’ll have to upload your shiny new files individually…

Let the uploading and sales begin!


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