New Beginnings

Hi Everyone,

Needless to say I’ve been flying below the radar recently!

In the last few weeks I’ve landed a great Graphic Design Job, moved house, almost bought a new car and then wound up buying my aunt’s off her instead, had my mum over for a holiday which wound up to be the most stressful 3 weeks of my life this far – though not because of mum being there! Anyway, the dust has somewhat settled now and I’m in a better place now both mentally and physically and very grateful for my family and friends that have helped me through this rough time.

My new job is great so far, I’ve just completed my first week and have to keep pinching myself so that I remember that I’m finally doing what I spent 4 hard years working towards! It’s so nice to look forward to going to work everyday, and work in such a comfortable environment – I still havn’t quite gotten over the fact that I have my own desk and a beautiful 30" mac to work on!
So we will see what this following week brings, for the time-being I’m enjoying my first official weekend since becoming gainfully employed!

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