im leaving this profile.

Hello all..
I have made the decision to leave this profile as an INACTIVE ONE
Throughout the month of January I will be removing most of my writes from here and transporting them to a new profile under a different name, not my REAL name… u know the ones.. lol

The reason for leaving this profile active is because I have some lovely memories here and do not care to delete them all together.. yet! lol
Also I have had a few pieces selected for an anthology so those plus a select few will remain here. All others will be moved over!
I have also met alot of great people through my JET profile and if need be, id like them still to be able to contact me. However, I will not be adding anymore to this profile come Feburary 2011!

So, for those of you who have followed me – I sooo appreciate it and if you are at all interested in where I have gone to BM me and I will most probably let you know how to find me! otherwise, it will by pure luck! hehehe

ok. well that is all for now.
Time to create a new page!

thanks all

Jet xo

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