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Tutorial ~ Tips on how to add links, size images, add email address, etc

A common question is how do I add my email to my profile page? How can I add product examples of what my iPod/iPhone case looks like beneath by art work imaage? Can I also add an example of clothing or a greeting card display or framed print sample?

INCLUDED at the bottom of this page is a handy chart from which you can copy and paste

The links provided below encompass not only text formatting like bold, italics and unerline, but cover adding linked images, sizing images, and even linking web pages. Bookmark this page to keep all these handy tutorials in one place for easy reference!!!

The type of formatting and linking used by Red Bubble is known as Textile Wikipedia shows specific coding instructions in an easy to follow chart style.

At the Red Bubble help knowledge base there is and article Text and Image Links on Redbubble for formatting text, adding links, adding images, and embedding YouTube videos. Creating links and clickable images ~ a step by step guide for beginners is also on the advanced Red Bubble knowledge base web pages.

D.R. Moore compiled a wonderful tutorial on Creating Links Etc. on Red Bubble Moore covers sizing images, linking to your email address or SKYPE contact page, and linking the images you have added on Red Bubble journals, profile pages, and image entry descriptions. Working with text formatting provides a different method of indentation using ASCii coding not discussed in the following tutorials (pressing the enter key twice), and Moore covers the basics of bold, italics, underline and linking as well.

This webpage, How to customize Red Bubble, gives a detailed account of how to make links to web pages on Red Bubble. Dan also shows with screen shots how to show images which will appear in your journal entry or artwork description text entry. In this way you can provide a view of other products available with the same image ~ greeting cards, framed prints, iPod / iPhone covers, clothing what have you. Along with the image view provide the link to the Red Bubble store page where the product is available.

Stephen Michael gives a brief run down of text formatting, bold, italics and links at two seperate entries… Coding your RedBubble Journal and at Coding your RedBubble Journal He continues with specific Linking photographs instructions.

Another tutuorial for providing a fancy look for your journal and the ability to link to webpages from both images and text is provided by webgrrl at format n found by accident This page also refers to the unOfficial Red Bubble cheat sheet created by webgrrl!

A good idea to learn Red Bubble formatting and putting inks to work is to Practice clickable links as BevB did in her journal entry. Write a new journal entry yourself using some of the formatting and linking hints given in one of these tutorials. Add some product samples to your next image upload in the description about the artwork ~ remember to bold, italicize or underline some text in the description as well for added practice.

If you wish to make your image entry have a frame around it on your profile page or in your journal entry / image description then read How To Add a frame around your pictures by Tom Gomez. Gomez also wrote an awesome tutorial on How to turn pictures into hyperlinks or add a signature to your images So you have just placed a frame around your image to make it look fancy in the previous tutorial, now link it to the Red Bubble store front page for that self same image!

A very easy to follow tutorial on text formatting etc in Red Bubble is provided by Byron. Now then, if you are finding adding a star (asterisk) around your text very easy to create bold text by simply typing in *bold text* to get bold text then you will love this tutorial How to post an image ~ Variable sizes). This is an absolutely delicious tutorial on re-szing any image you wish to post into your journal or artwork description!!! Byron also provides the method and the means to provide an image in your journal which is a cropped format image which you may have chosen for your profile gallery previews. Using How to post an image ~ Vatiable sizes
means not having to upload the actual image, and a smaller image, just let your fingers do the coding!!! So now not only can you have fancy text, but you can have fancy images, full format or cropped!

Byron has also assembled a Welcome basket courtesy of the Red Bubble Tutorials Library Group So if this journal entry does not fill up your bookmarks (favourites) in your web browser, then perhaps Byron’s selection of web pages may give you more food for thought as you may wish to link in your email address! Find out how in this delightful welcome basket of goodies.

If you wish to simply add emphasis to your text try this tutorial for a fancy image description or journal entry. Patricia Montgomery also provides instructions for adding image examples to your profile As well it may be handy to downsize those example images on your profile page. This tutorial requires uploading a smaller image to Red Bubble, and does not rely solely on coding for resizing as provided by Byron above.

Peter Hill also uploads a smaller image which remains private to re-size images for profile pages and journal pages. Hill wrote The Easy Guide to Creating Samples of Artwork on Redbubble – UPDATED

Anothert way of adding small sized pictures of mounted prints, posters, matted prints, canvas prints, shirts, cards to Red Bubble
is written by Nuh Sarche. You don’t even have to learn Textile language for Red Bubble, you just copy and paste! What could be simpler.

So given above there are three ways provided to link to a smaller version of your Red Bubble product image in your journal/profile page/image description. Use

Maybe you just wish to beautify your Red Bubble front page. Marian Maritz wrote an entry on adding featured images, view by gallery and other ways to format your portfolio overview page for ease of access by your visitors. Posting a facebook badge on Red Bubble is revealed by DR Moore, to link to a facebook fan page on your Red Bubble profile page. barnsis also explains how to direct link to your Facebook Page

So the above is a brief description of some handy journal entries and web page tutorials, hints and tips on how to make fancy image entry descriptions with web page links, email links, skype links, clickable images, framed images, signed images, product example images, bold, italicized or underlined text. All are presented here. Add this page to your favourites, where all these ideas are assembled together in one easy to use place.

COPY AND PASTE from the following CHART

Substitute the text or links given as examples for your personal journal entry text, web page links or web images

"Link to JET Adamson":
provides clickable text (notice above where the quotation marks and colon are and replace my name with your ReeBubble name…)
Link to JET Adamson

"Email me"
provides clickable email address (notice above where the quotation marks and colon are and replace my email address with yours)
Email me

provides a clickable image as follows: (notice above where the exclamation points and the colon are above)

provides an image without link as shown here:(noitice the position of the exclamation points in the above example)

Typing in the stars before your text like this…
* bulleted list
** second level
*** third level

provides this if you remember the spaces.

  • bulleted list
    • second level
      • third level

To continue onwards in a table format

type in this to get this result
_italic text_ italic text
-strikethrough text- strikethrough text
*bold text* bold text
*-bold strikethrough text-* bold strikethrough text
*_-bold italic strikethrough text-_* bold italic strikethrough text
+underlined text+ underlined text
*+bold underlined text+* bold underlined text
_+italic underlined text+_ italic underlined text
*_bold italic text_* bold italic text
*_+bold italic underlined text+_* bold italic underlined text
*_-+bold italic strikethrough underlined text+-_* bold italic strikethrough underlined text
* bulleted list * bulleted list
Brand ^TM^ Brand TM
Text ~subscript~ Text subscript
@ @
© ©



Table Creation

and finally to get a table format (remember to place SPACE PIPE SPACE between the column entries. The first PIPE has a SPACE)

| table | with four | columns | and |
| with | three | rows | is |
| shown | here | as an | example |

HInt: The table will adopt the longest typed line as the width of the column, and may run the words together from the previous column to the next, to alleviate this, after the longest word type in a non breaking space using ASCii code like this   if you type this in, it will look much better!

&#124 Table | with four  | columns   | and |
| with | three | rows | is |
| shown   | here | as an | example |

The result is like this:

Table  with four   columns    and
with three rows is
shown     here as an example





So, in summary this is my bookmarks or favourites listing all assembled together in one place for my reference, and I am sharing also with you! I hope you enjoy the above tutorials written by some fantastic Red Bubblers as much as I have…

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