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Calendars, Calendars, Calendars ~ Aspect Ratios

Well after trying some new things out on Red Bubble, thought I would look at the calendar department…Blossom Spirits calendar

So the format that Red Bubble advises is 1.144 width to height ratio for the twelve months and then an aspect ratio of 0.825 for the calendar cover.
Knowing that the camera sends out images with an aspect ratio of 1.5, this would mean that the images either become mounted with white edges around them or they should be cropped to fill the full 1.144 aspect ratio for twelve months. A square image has an aspect ratio of 1.

A portrait style image would have white edges to the left and right, and a landscape style image would be mounted with white edges to the top and bottom.

Due to the fact that iPod and iPhone covers, posters, and the t-shirt uploads required an exact and precise aspect ratio size right down to the pixels, and starting there after uploading prints and greeting cards and not with calendars, there was some time spent changing images to the aspect ratio of 1.144 months and 0.825 cover.

So, taking some time to try to find some images that may fit a ratio of 1.144 for the calendar months and then one image that may have a subject withn a ratio of 0.825 (almost square).

Cropping images is one option. Taking photographs with the subject within a ratio of 1.144 (almost square) would also mount the photographs differently. An addition of text around a 3:2 image would be another choice. Additionally the use of a mount or a mat of on a 3:2 (1.5 aspect ratio) image would bring the to an almost square format 1.144 months or 0.825 cover.

This could mean making a 1.144 template and a 0.825 template for use in a photo-editing program upon which the image could be mounted to see how to artistically use the surrounding area, if the entire full frame is not used.

On starting out with the calendar, one can just select their favourite images from the gallery started in the Red Bubble user portfolio if one does not mind the centering with the white border effect. The majority of calendars on Red Bubble are indeed making use of this method indeed. This would have saved a lot of time and cropping would not have been needed then, hindsight is everything…

So, my first guinea pig experimental idea, the Blossom Spirits calendar is online with images that fill the calendar page full frame, and now it is time to see what can evolve next.

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