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Sandra Woods and Red Bubble Tribute!

Pondering Red Bubble

Why Red Bubble? Upon meeting Sandra Woods and her excellent works of art at Artflakes, she suggested that Red Bubble was an excellent community. It was a chance encounter to stumble across her excellent watercolours, digital art and photography at Artflakes. So investigation of what Red Bubble was about warranted an investigation.

Taking this time now to say Thank You and my hat is off to Woods. She has been an excellent mentor and her words of wisdom along the journey entering into Red Bubble has made the intiating steps much easier, and indeed, it is true that Red Bubble is truly a place to get inspired and learn new things.

It has been a pleasure to look at the various groups and communities, and it has been a delight that Woods has afforded guidance to the wide variety of groups and helpful communities on Red Bubble.

Red Bubble has been a very supportive community and it is a good feeling to know that there is such a network of great and varied artists. Joining Woods there have been a number of other Red Bubble artists who have provided postive feedback in this exciting new venture.

There is such a plethora of things to do on Red Bubble, groups to join, challenges to enter, journals to write, blogs to post, artists to watch and learn from. On top of all of this there is a huge variety of products to delve into and experiment with! So an entirely new learning curve opens up for iPhone and iPod cases, calendars, T-shirts, hoodies, cards, prints, and stickers. Multiply this with funny, cool, cute, love, retro subjects and then exponentially increase the opportunity with abstract photography, digital imaging, or perhaps fine art drawings and there is not enough hours in the day to explore all the facets available.

So, starting out on Red Bubble, with a venture here and there, again, please take time to visit the artwork of Sandra Woods here on Red Bubble and also at Artflakes.

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