3 January 2007

The world we live in today is utterly sick. We live in a world where hate is what fuels us along. We only do things now, not to better ourselves, but to appear superior to our peers. What’s all that about? How come we no longer want to do something because we want to? How come we must think about what others will think of us first? Why is it that when we see those advertisements about poor children that need help they have to put a famous person on it to make us feel inferior if we don’t do what they’re doing? Why can’t we do it because we know that they need it? In this world fueled by the petty, the few that do what they want to do, without thought of what others will perceive of them, are ridiculed and mocked. And for what? For having the strength and the courage for standing up for what they believe in? Nowadays, if a young girl or boy does not want to have sex they are called “frigid” or worse, simply because they have the strength to say “No”. If I could do it all over again I would be proud to have the strength to say “No” to someone. Yet we do anything and everything to make people like us, even when we are behaving like someone who is completely not us. How is that supposed to work? How can someone like you if the person you act like isn’t you? We struggle with our self morals, that pit themselves against our need to be accepted, when we should be taking pride in them. We should be able to say we are who we are and not fear peoples reactions. We should be able to stand up and be proud of our religion, be what it is, or how we dress, or our language, our heritage. We should be proud of ourselves for simply being the best that we can be. But we’re not. We hide behind things, be it work, or school, or anything we can. In this world, which may be the only world we live to see, we barely live, but more simply survive. Think everyone. If this is all we have, do we really want to look back on it and realize that we never did anything for fear of ridicule? That we stopped doing something we loved because someone said that it wasn’t “Cool”? Or will we be able to look back and be proud, be proud of ourselves and all that we accomplished and have lead a happy life and not merely a “society friendly” one? Think.

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