Finding God

I was reading one of Sydney’s many crappy daily papers, when I encountered a column that was discussing the very title of this entry. In a very convoluted way, it noted that Australian women have moved on from the Bridget Jones mold where the ultimate aim in life was to find Mr Darcy (admirable aim in itself), to the real ultimate aim: Finding God.

Of course, this was after much time spend pouring our little hearts out on the bathroom floor.

So, as the columnist noted, after mopping up our tiles to a shiny white sheen, white Australian women have developed a tendency to head to exotic places, places of spiritual wealth, a place of cultural discovery – that is, a culture different to our own. (On a side note, I say this as an Chinese female cultivated on Vegemite, netball and Bananas in Pajamas, but write this as an Australian woman cultivated on a steady diet of emotionally retarded, commitment-phobic men).

In other words, the said writer has suggested that white Australian women have bastardised the depth and wonder that is religious life, that they have picked up this wonderful little morsel of life, chewed it up and spat it back out on the dusty unsealed road from which it came, that they have used this way of life as a way to make themselves feel better, a life that does not seem to exist so much in the secular/Christian western (I use this term loosely) societies.

I do not quite agree with this interpretation; I feel that the current western fascination with everything eastern/asian is a result only of the desire to be cool. I refuse to believe that people are so sinister and calculating in their pursuit of happiness. I prefer to think that people are just simply stupid.

It seems that with the increasing importance of image and everyone else’s opinion, our biggest aim in life is no longer happiness; simply because our happiness depends completely on the demands of constantly fluid world.

Happiness and Mr Darcy are tangible. Having It All and God are not.

I guess this would make more sense with the article ( Or maybe not. Ah well.

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