My new brother and friend

I have a new brother. We have only met once, and he is the greatest brother a person could ask for! He may not be related through blood, but neither are my sisters! He is so funny, married to a beautiful woman, and has the biggest heart in the world. He was raised by women and it shows! He makes sure that he is there for anyone that needs him. He is one of an extremely small list of people that can make me laugh when I am feeling at my worst. Faizee, thank you for always being there for me!!! Yasmeen, thank you for being so understanding and sharing your husband with the world. He speaks from his heart and has unending love for all. It really shows in his photos. I am so blessed to have met him! I will always strive to have a heart like his. He has filled my heart with such love. An instant family member from the moment we met.

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