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Telephone evil

Mother got a phone call.
Are you Mrs J?
Yes I am.
Is your post code S********?
yes it is.
Do you have an account with any of these banks ?
Can you confirm the account number?

  • And the sort code?
  • Nice man reads back numbers to confirm and hands over to second person to confirm yet again.
    Mother phones my brother about something else & mentions this. Brother says leave phone on table, don’t hang up, he wants to check 1471, comes to see mother & goes to bank but can’t actually do anything because he isn’t on the account. I am, but NOBODY tells me!
    I phone mother about something else. She tells me about the phone call but is more concerned about her washing & changing her duvet cover.
    I phone the telephone bank to take the initial steps to protect mum.

    “He sounded so genuine, he knew my post code and name, and he read the numbers.” Of course he did mother, electoral register/internet and YOU told HIM your details, mother, you have done just what you have been told time and again NOT to do.

    “He sounded so genuine, he knew my name and post code and my numbers….” she doesn’t realise the potential enormity of what she’s done and now I have to set up ID fraud insurance for her. Is it necessary, she asks, is that what’s happened, he sounded so genuine………….

    So I went to the bank. We’ve changed the account slightly and for £6 a month we both now have travel, death and breakdown insurance and most importantly, ID fraud insurance.
    Then I spoke to a dishy sounding ID fraud specialist who advised me on the next few steps, including the need to talk to the police to get an incidence number. They won’t DO anything but it’s another layer of protection for mum. He didn’t think there was much of a problem and that if anybody did try to get credit, any company would think twice about giving it to an 85 year old woman & would check with her. She’s been told not to give information to anybody (AGAIN!) & he said if that happened, she’d get a letter which I would tell his company about and they would deal with it. Mum has no idea how serious this is or could be.

    A timely warning indeed. If any of you have vulnerable elders, PLEASE try to get them to understand that the “nice man” might not be and to hang up or ask the “nice man” to send a letter. If he really IS a nice man, he’ll be only too happy to write.

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