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A message from the editor

Hello Jesika

Thanks for the smilebox. It’s really a wonderful collection of pictures. How about an edited version for Argus? By that, I am thinking of 10 to 12 shots which could be placed on two pages one under the other, with some comments which I could write in. That would share your superb photography with a lot of enthusiasts. Don’t send anything straight away, but if you like the idea, and you plan to send me your usual annual disk of pictures, you could include them then. I would intend to include them in the New Year edition of Argus which will mean I would need them for the end of October.



(Argos is the magazine of Yorkshire Butterfly Conservation and Howard has kindly published several of my Lepidoptera images, including 12 in the last issue.
The “smilebox” is a collection of images of the transformation {metamorphosis} of Larry the Larva into Peter the Pupa and finally into the magnificent imago, Nelson [Nellie] the Elephant Hawk Moth)


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