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"Your computer is infected"

A voice with a difficult to understand accent told hubby (woken by the phone ringing) that he had checked and discovered that our computer was infected by a nasty virus.
You have to wonder how he knew that don’t you, especially since I am very diligent in updating & checking the health of my laptop almost to paranoia and no-one has remote access. Send me a link to something/somewhere and I may email to ask if you really DID!
Needless to say, the conversation was rapidly terminated, but do beware, many have fallen victim to this form of telephone evil, just as my mother did a couple of years ago (“Telephone Evil” journal entry) to a banking scam.
I believe they offer to sell you anti everything software, charge a fortune, infect badly and gain access to your banking details. Not nice, not nice at all.
March 8th, an update:
Got another call today, this time a woman with an even more incomprehensible accent, who I THINK said it wasn’t a sales call, but a Microsoft survey, would I take a few minutes to answer her questions….???? I hung up.

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