The Gift of Art

A bit ago I ordered 12 postcards of this image for a friend that invited me to show my classic car, a 1950 Studebaker Champion Sedan, at the Sacramento International Auto Show.

This morning I gave my friend the postcards. He was overjoyed to see his car on “real” postcards. He exclaimed that the gift was “the nicest gesture that someone has made in some time.” He was so excited that he left our workplace for a few minutes and drove the postcards to his wife’s place of business in order to share in the excitement of seeing their car in postcard form.

I tell this story because it shows just how magical art can be. I took the photograph with an iPhone 4 – not my usual semi-pro rig. I uploaded the image in seconds. And I ordered a dozen postcards for less than USD$20. In return I thanked a good friend and made his day. What he should know is that his enthusiasm did much the same for me.

Thanks RedBubble.

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