The Gift of Art

A bit ago I ordered 12 postcards of this image for a friend that invited me to show my classic car, a 1950 Studebaker Champion Sedan, at the Sacramento International Auto Show.

This morning I gave my friend the postcards. He was overjoyed to see his car on “real” postcards. He exclaimed that the gift was “the nicest gesture that someone has made in some time.” He was so excited that he left our workplace for a few minutes and drove the postcards to his wife’s place of business in order to share in the excitement of seeing their car in postcard form.

I tell this story because it shows just how magical art can be. I took the photograph with an iPhone 4 – not my usual semi-pro rig. I uploaded the image in seconds. And I ordered a dozen postcards for less than USD$20. In return I thanked a go

How to Adjust Facebook 'Places' Privacy Settings

It’s “Update your Facebook Privacy Settings” time again. To disable friends from checking you into places, go to:

Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings > Things Others Share > “Friends can check me in to Places.” Choose your setting. Disable = disallow.

Also see “Places I check in” and “Include me in ‘People Here Now’ after I check in.” Both are areas where you can specify privacy settings.

It's Been a Long Time Since I Rock-and-rolled ...

I’ve become one of ‘those people.’…

You’re full-on for months and then you drop off the Bubble. People ping you and ask, “Where’d you go?” You have no good answer. More silence. However, getting lost in the web of news, gadgets, loves, interests and the wonder of everyday life means that old things look new again.

This is certainly the case for me and RedBubble. Goodness, there is a lot of wonderful new work in this place. I must have watchlisted and favorited a dozen new people and art in a matter of minutes. And it’s fun to see design trends emerge, subside, spike, and then fall. Today’s visit to the gallery was a mix of vintage and the surreal; the earnest and the sublime. Love it all.

And so comes a whole new RedBubble experience. And while I can’t say that work, kids, cars, and an ama

Plan for the Holidays. 2009-2010 Calendars for AU, US and UK.

Some might say, “It’s only July. What’s the rush?”…

Well, holidays happen year-round. There are plenty of holy days and Hallmark holidays that are cause for celebration. Whether you celebrate them or avoid them, many people do celebrate popular dates … which means that they’re online and searching for the perfect gift.

We’ve just finished Father’s Day, as well as Independence Day, here in the US. My mind has moved on to work that I want ready for October.

For example, you might be planning an art series or collection; or wanting to create a holiday specific artwork, design or t-shirt; or maybe you simply want to refresh your website or Bubblesite.

I’ll kick off the conversation via the Selling member name shortly, but let’s get started by looking at holiday calendars now.

Please let me kno

Frustration and Anxiety Release Tool for Artists

I devised a tool that helps me deal with the sudden frustration felt during challenging moments of the creative process.

Before releasing this tool as an app for US .99c in the iTunes App Store, I thought to first test it with my RedBubble friends.

Let me know how you go. Click for the Frustration and Anxiety Release Tool for Artists

One last note. I believe in the power of open source software development, so if you would like to augment my software tool, please feel free to download the software here.

File in PSD format; font: Rockwell 28 pt

Please send me links to any enhancements that you make to this tool.

Back to work …

The Power of Encouragement (It's Time to Revisit and Expand This Post.)

Earlier this year I wrote an article titled The Power of Encouragement. I reasoned that community encouragement on RedBubble gives members the strength to be bold – to expose their work and explore new ideas.…

I think that this article remains relevant, but it could benefit from community input. How did you find the guts to post your work, add words, and see value – both emotional and monetary – in your art and design?

I was inspired by an open letter that Karin Taylor wrote some time ago, but that she reminded me of today. Here’s an excerpt:

“I don’t know where I’d be today without RedBubble, it was there for me at a very difficult time in my artistic and my personal life, where I felt all other doors had closed to me…

It seemed to me then that all other avenues to expressing my art in th

The Four Senses

The traditional five senses are: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. A classification attributed to dear old Aristotle.…

As some of you know, my family has been on a journey to diagnose, understand and treat my daughter’s hearing loss.

We recently came to understand that my daughter has a progressive hearing condition that will likely leave her deaf at an undeterminable point in the future. Trauma as simple as a soccer ball to the head could take her hearing down a step – or cause it to drop out completely. Here’s "an ongoing conversation ": about her condition.

Thank goodness there are Cochlear Implants as a treatment for complete deafness, but we’re hoping to never reach that point. For now, my five year-old is sporting bright red hearing ai

Twitter Experiment - #newartfriday

Last Friday, I linked to a newly uploaded work on RedBubble and tagged the post “#newartfriday” on Twitter dot com.

For example: “Added black and white #photograph of a #farm near #Interstate-80 in #California to #redbubble – #newartfriday” profile here

Today, I tweeted a few works (not my own) that I recently discovered on RedBubble. Want to try? Simply tag your tweet as #newartfriday (even if it’s your Saturday in Oz).

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait