Have you ever thought about this?

when i first joined here i was attracted by the name red bubble for a reason which may or may not have come to other’s minds, but i want to share this to any who read this journal as it is something i have long observed and which recently was clarified when i accidently dropped my cell phone down the toilet.
i have felt my whole life i went around living inside an invisible bubble. a force field, if you like, that completely encircles me, and that at times acts as a shield that makes me invisible and silent to others knowing i am there. i can sit in public places and watch many people pass me by and not one of hundreds even look me in the eye. i have called out to others and they not hear me and finally if i tap them they jump and say, “i did not know you were there/ i did not see you/ i did not hear you/ gosh, where did you come from? you startled me.” such things i have been faced with all my life.
i live in a bubble, but it is not to my making, i think God keeps me in this bubble to protect me; but it is tiresome and lonely inside and i try my best to pull someone close, make friends and have someone to share things with …but so far this bubble shell is so tough no one has really broken through and i find a new thing come to my attention. everyone else lives in bubbles too. it’s just somehow they connect with the right bubble that will seamlessly seal with another so that they have a bigger bubble to move around in.
when my cell went in the toilet that left me without a means to reach others so for the first time in two years of living on this street of mine i had to go to a neighbors to use their phone. and there i found out just how bubble-filled this world is.
i never knew who lived in the house i visited, other than a small dog came from there and sometimes a woman was seen over there, but actually it is a lone disabled man who lives there and the woman is his sister who comes by to check on him every day. the dog is so unused to seeing him have company she wanted to tear me up when i shook hands to say goodbye and thanks for using the phone.
from a wider perspective i realise that every house on my street is totally different on the inside from what it appears on the outside, and so it goes for every house in this town, state, country, world; all these bubbles, small or large; we are a series of bubbles allowing only a certain number inside our invisible walls.
yes we control what goes on there to some extent, and to enlarge our bubble environment takes some doing; sometimes it takes a accident such as dropping a cell in the toilet to get you to go across the street and say hello to a neighbor who isnt able to get out much and sits there bored and watching tv as his means of visiting the world vicariously.
i made a friend that day and will keep in touch. i think i was his answered prayer; just to have a real person to talk to…i needed that too; i try to open up more to strangers and be friendly; it works if i go out and say hey, strange thing though…if i don’t these others keep right on floating by, impervious to anyone outside their own bubble. content with that, they need nothing, it takes a need for company to be willing to expand seek and join up with what is beyond the circle of yourself.
so, how are you? want to say hi? hello and how are you?

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