The beginning of vacation, of course!!! This is 11th og August, and I’m at work, as always.. There’s anyone around me, but it’s fine.

I’ve thinked: If I go out of the office now, I’ll go to the sea with maaaaany other people. I feel hot because there are, for now, about 39°C, and at the return I will be very tired.

Instead, for now there’s anyone at the office, and I can do almost everything I want (work, too). When all colleguas will come, at the beginning of september, I’ll go out, when hotels are less expensive, weather is less hot, and so on. In this way, instead of a couple of week of stress, I’ll do a month of serenity…..
Let’s ho to touristic village, people, and let me be alone, that then it will become my turn…

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