Almost Awake... Barely Dreaming Framed Print $300.00
camera whore Womens Fitted T-Shirt $24.04
i speak my mind... Womens Fitted T-Shirt $27.68
Proud Owner of a Vagina the sequel Womens Fitted T-Shirt $27.88
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I am a cautionary tale. Unisex T-Shirt $25.84
lil haystack Framed Print $101.25
someday I'll retire to this lovely place... well the town, not this exact location. might not be too comfy and tourists might get mad at me... Poster $15.31
City Dwellers Photographic Print $7.43
When the sun goes down the rock spirits play Greeting Card $8.00
walking into her new life... one filled with love Greeting Card $3.00
Good Game! Good Game! Greeting Card $2.90
DownTown Seattle on a Bright and Sunny Day Greeting Card $2.80
Sinful Greeting Card $2.70
Sparkley Dallas Greeting Card $2.70
Daisies Have Darksides too Poster $15.88
Do you mind? I am trying to sit on this barbed wire fence and contemplate the meaning of life and you're disturbing me... Poster $15.31
@ sea level Throw Pillow $20.00
Soulmates Poster $15.31
Night Falls Poster $15.31
The Guardians  Poster $15.31
sweet disposition Poster $15.88
Photographers in Action Poster $15.88
wait for me my love Poster $15.88
she dreams in color Poster $15.31
oddly enough this doesn't look like a recycle bin to me.... just sayin... Throw Pillow $20.00
Watch as the light drips away... Poster $15.31
Path of Light and Life Poster $15.31
Tiny Toes Poster $15.31
i may not be unique, but i'm still pretty Poster $13.61
Haystack Grunge Poster $15.31
The weather people said it was supposed to be sunny and warm today...  Poster $15.88
At Odd Angles Poster $15.88
Spider Dreams Poster $15.31
"Tee dum, tee dee A teedle ee do tee day" Poster $15.88
Seattle people at Seattle. Poster $15.88
Watch out... she has thorns sewn into her dress... Poster $15.88
Birdy Beach Poster $15.31
life is grey and out of focus without you Poster $15.88
Grassy Haystack Poster $15.31
Call me crazy ONE more time! Poster $15.88
unsettled Art Print $20.63
Hidden Treasures Abound Poster $15.31
This land is MINE!  Poster $15.88
Mine Greeting Card $2.70
A little rough around the edges but still as beautiful as ever. Poster $15.31
NO I will NOT brush my hair! Poster $15.88
Lets Make Them Fly!!! Poster $15.31
Life on a Dead Stump Poster $15.31
Oh face is melting Poster $15.31
there was a day that was so bright and Happy was her name-o Poster $15.88
Darkness Falls Poster $15.31
Storm Break... iPhone pic!!! Greeting Card $2.60
Catching Grasshoppers.... in a dress.... She is ALL woman! Poster $15.88
 Two in the Sea Poster $16.44
O. M. G. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poster $15.31
blurry blue sugery sweetness Poster $15.88
childhood reflected Poster $15.88
Deep in the heart of dreams... Poster $15.31
I shall call her Spiky and she will be mine and she shall be my Spiky Poster $15.88
In the Belly of the Beast Art Print $20.63
Happily Ever After... Poster $15.88
do i love it or hate it Poster $15.31
two random people doing normal things Poster $15.88
caught. Poster $15.88
The Little Old Lady Club Poster $15.31
Sweet Thing Poster $15.31
 the oddest sort of decoration Poster $15.31
Sweet Thing in BW Poster $15.31
Wreck of the Peter Iredale Poster $15.31
BFF's Poster $15.31
when will i be put back together Art Print $20.63
Tiny Island Poster $15.31
Columbia River Poster $15.31
Mysterious Poster $15.31
blue one... Poster $15.31
the final bow Poster $15.31
Broken and Beautiful! Poster $15.88
WOW!!!!!! Should I be scared????  Poster $15.31
shall i choose the sun or the son Poster $15.31
Dew drops, spider webs and apples, oh my! Poster $45.36
flowers of the damned Poster $15.31
Once there was a wall that was so fabulously fantastic that a woman stood and stared at it all day and missed her own wedding! Poster $15.31
Wind, Voltage and a Cow... Poster $15.31
Green Poster $15.31
A place to Rest Poster $15.31
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Have a DandeWinter ;) Poster $16.44
He Went Walking...After Sunrise... With the Birds flying... with the Ocean roaring...  Poster $15.31
i don't remember if this was early morning or late evening... i leaning towards early morning....but i'm not sure... Poster $15.31
And the skies are not cloudy all day??? Poster $15.31
sandy sea feet Poster $15.88
Field of Yellow Poster $15.31
Haystack Desinations (Cannon Beach, OR) Poster $15.31
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