Thoughts of a solitary artist trapped in her hardrive

For soooo long I have held my hardrive close to my heart, locked away like a dungeon, thrown away the key.
It carries the bulk of my expressions, illusions, reality and creative juices.
In the shadows of its circuitry, megabyte after megabyte, my unshared imagery laid uncommunicating to the world……
UNTIL I found the BUBBLE,
a safe haven of creative INGENUITY, a place to share, a place to look and learn, a place to set my juices free,
and now what is real is a daily soujourn with fellow illustrious creatives here in the red world,
and endles uploading to share my mega bites, a’blossooming as an arteest, photographer and thus humble viewer in awe of you all, fellow bubblers.
I love the red
I love the bubble
may you spend up bigg cause I am poor in pocket-
or may you enjoy what has been hidden for far too long.
Creators of the Bubble to you I toast, as I h a v e a r r i v e d ! ! !(heehee)
but then so has everyone else. and aint you all fabulous and your works spectacular- endless creating to you and and heres hoping
your work is sought, bought, and banked.

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