WTF? Stolen Art

I was recently emailled and informed that my art had been seen floating around online under someone else’s name. the images have been taken from here, with their titles intact and stamped with the name “Michelle Stark” and “are”

the quality is terrible, which means they probably wont get too far, but I hate the idea that someone else is claiming credit for my work- what can I do to stop this? I have googled, I have searched different sites for ‘michelle stark’ ‘are’ ‘nude’ and the title names (and any combination thereof) and have come up with nada. do any of you have an idea of how I can track down the culprit and give them a stern talking to? it doesn’t look like polyvore to me (first place I checked).. I can’t afford digimarc so I need to nip this in the bud.

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