Selby, United Kingdom

Born in the north of England, I always had a passion for artwork, after ill health forced retirement it was a good oppurtunity to learn...

Our invite

Well I am just recovering from Mine and Stephs day out, we both had invites to meet Prince Edward, who was visiting Burton on trent in the U.K, and luckily was calling in the brewhouse where I and another fourteen artists around the world are exhibitng until the 16th of November.
So if anyone from the UK is in that area pop in and have a look, you might catch us on a day we are there, so it will be nice to meet other artists, we are upstairs on the gallery landing.

Prince Edward went up to view them, we were downstairs in the bar area, which is a good Job, if he spoke I am sure I would have froze on the spot.

Still what I saw of him when he came down, chatting to the staff and organisers, and unveiling a plaque, it was a pleasant day overall.——-mmm wonder if thats my three minutes of fame.

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