Thank You RB Members!!

After joining just 3 months ago I’ve had over 1,000 views and many of you have left me such encouraging comments. I’m still awaiting my first sale and a photo feature on the homepage, although I’m benefiting from purchasing my own cards and giving them to my customers who purchase customed framed prints from me – they love ‘em! But beyond anything else, I’m most thankful for what I have learned from my fellow RB members. Words cannot express how much your photography has inspired me, helped me to see things in a “new light” or new view/angle. Simple words from strangers (photographers whose validity is based solely on their actual photos – not on how much money they’re making, what degree they have, what gallery they’re in, where they live or what they look like) have given me real encouragement. I can see my own work improving and I want to thank you for being a part of that. Thank you!!

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