Tenjin Festival, Japan

As this week Osaka holds its yearly Tenjin Festival, I decided to upload some of my photographs from the festival that I took last year. It’s Osaka’s biggest festival, held on the 24-25th July every year. It’s a full-on event with practice runs for several days before the actual festival. All the neighbourhoods have their own teams and costumes, and they parade and carry portable shrines through the streets. I spent most of the day at the main shrine where there was continual music, mainly a trance-inducing drumming made by a metal hammer on a metal dish. It was broken up by groups of men running into the shrine area with these huge heavy portable shrines which they seem to heft mainly to prove their bravado. Very raucous and exciting. The whole thing then takes to huge floats on the river in the evening for a firework finale.

If you want to see more photos, go to: http://jenny-hall.smugmug.com/gallery/1710589

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