This year 2009

It’s a new year and with currently having a better job with stable if albeit to many hours I am in hopes finally I can actually be the artist or hobby artist I want to be. I figure I’ve gone through about ever one of the five stages of grief in the last year and half concerning my artistic life. Even though in it’s acceptance I am still deeply sad. I’ve lost time and so forth, all because life and others(dare I call them people), chiefly cowards have just screwed me over. It has always been who you know and who you screw. And if the later be true, then I should be pretty infamous. Not literally of course, I am ever so much the picky prud I’ve always been.
Anyway, I am hoping to get things going. Even though the thought of being screwed over and pushed around and so on and on in my life is an ever present dread and leaves me as unmotivated as can be. But I’ll do what I have too do and at that.
So my first little project of this year is abstracts. And though I should be developing more skills with traditional mediums, I am going to use my computer. A little play of color, shape and light, never hurt anyone’s creativity. Even though the tend not to sell. I wonder why that is? Really the obvious reasons are because it’s not traditional, and home interiors can’t really mass produce it. I look at an abstract and I see bits and pieces of a persons being, creativity and morphism of the world.
Gee though! What I see and what most people see is an entirely different world. That though is rambling best left to another day.

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