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An avid photographer since I was 10 years old, my loves are nature in macro, landscapes – particularly the stunning beauty of...

2 wins, a voucher, and 5 top 10s!!

I don’t usually post my results in group challenges. In fact I’m sure I haven’t.
But this time I can’t resist as I’ve just found out I’ve won a challenge, my second win in the space of one week!!!!
Thank you to the moderators and members of Abstract Lines and Statues and Stuff

I’m utterly stunned, amazed, and rapt. And all this on top of five top ten placings in challenges within the past few weeks. What a wonderful welcome back to the bubble!!!
Think I might stay a while!!!

Oh and thank you heaps to everyone who voted for me/my images!!!
I could quip that your cheques are in the mail (payment for voting)…but I don’t know who you are.
So, if you’re reading this, please consider yourself thanked.


It just gets better and better. Upon opening a bubblemail a few seconds ago, I discovered I also won a voucher with my latest win! Yay!! Now I can pay for the order that’s been waiting in my cart!! Thank you so much to Redbubble and the moderators of Abstract Lines for that.

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