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Which Digital SLR is the best!

Looking to buy new Digital SLR and need some advice from all you photography buffs out there…

I have narrowed down to 2 brands Nikon and Canon….

Choices –
Nikon D80 or
Nikon D200

Canon 40D or
Canon 450D

Here is the catch. My dad is giving me 3 lenses from his old Canon analogue SLR. They are a Canon FD 35-70 – 1.4 and a Tamron 85-210! and a Canon 50. Would it be prudent to perhaps stick with Canon for that reason? Or can I not use them on the new anyway??? Or is Nikon just better.

Any ideas about Pentax….

I am looking at good for low light photography and not mega expensive.

Need advice from people who are happy or unhappy with their cameras and what is good about them. Also which is the best all rounder lens for wedding photography?

Thanks for any help guys =D

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