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The old woman I shall become will be quite different from the woman I am now. Another I is beginning… =Rev Teri Johnson


This week my middle daughter asked my opinion on moving out to Seattle. My heart and my throat became twisted…but I managed to tell her I thought it was a good idea; always good to get away from where you were brought up because it gives you a better view on life.

All week I have thought about her and my oldest daughter. I came across something I had written in an old blog about my daughters back on a Monday, December 12, 2005 about them:

I can get choked up thinking about my two daughters. They are the two most wonderful people in my world, and if you met them you would know why.

They have both grown to become my closest friends/confidants. I view my constant and unconditional love towards them an amazing and uncontrollable phenomenon…a strength. They are as much like me as they are not and so much like each other, as not.

As women, we are each other’s backbone without knowing or saying it, but be being those caregivers to those around us that most women do instinctfully…things we do methodically at home or work that usually no one thinks about/notices, including ourselves; those small everyday mundane tasks…that are only brought out if we-GOD FORBID-forget.

So much of my strength to “not give up” and to “move forward” comes from Carissa and Lise without them realizing it, by just listening and watching them become themselves.

For Carissa it is being this wonderfully, passionate, loving and creative mother to my first grandchild, entrepreneur/photographer, the mother next door, my first child, the oldest sibling, the daughter to parents in different states, the first grandchild on her father’s side. Her talent in photography and writing expands my world by bringing out small, precious detail. The way she writes allows my thoughts to have company and feel heard, important.

Lise, my middle, sandwiched in between Carissa and Tyler, inspires and motivates me with her determination to get through whatever it is she needs to, whether work, school, a relationship, or FUN. Her sensitivity fills my heart with hope and tenderness that the world is not all bad. She makes me laugh as hard as she can make me cry…I would not be without her.

No other women in this world am I truely able to be myself as I am in the company of my daughters.

My daughters, my friends…I love you so much.

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