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No Strangers in my heart...

Today I was called to work at another Dialysis Unit. In one way I was glad b/c it is much closer than my usual work place, but the thought of working with staff and patients I was not familar with made me feel uneasy.

As a Dialysis Tech you get to know your patients individual needs and how to care for them, from a certain way to setting up their chair, their blanket, their snacks, tv shows….and you grow to love them, whether they are kind, sweet, quiet or demanding, unpleasant, and rude; because they are all sick, very sick, and my heart melts when I think about it and I am able to embrace their behavior.

A module of strangers tonight…and I realized how silly of me to worry because I didn’t know them, because what I did know was they were all sick, very sick and my heart melted and it didn’t matter this was the first time we met….

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