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Pet Chicken

Sunday my daughters pet chicken of 8 years passed away.

One day out of the blue my daughter, a freshman in highschool
announced she wanted to get some chickens. My first reaction
(to myself) was what? …but when a teenage daughter ask
for chickens (instead of a horse or…), I found myself driving down
to the feedmill.

Baby chicks are next to impossible to resist. We ewwwwed &
awwwwwed over a zillion little fluff balls, and drove home with
3, all equally as precious and adorable.

For a few weeks the “peeps” were tolerable. Keeping our cats
at bay was a little exhausting, but daughter & chicks bonded.
A few more weeks the oder made it not so adorable, and
as time passed the gangly, swacking, no longer “chicks” but
chickens were known throughout our upstairs as you passed
my daughters bedroom and got a whiff of reality.

Finally it became apparent that the 2 chicks and 1 rooster would
have to relocate “outside”. My daughter remained faithful at
keeping them fed & watered, and good company. I fell in love
with their “cewing” greetings, and enjoyed the rooster’s wake-
up calls each morning, sometimes afternoon and an occassional
evening crow.

Then one morning I was startled by my daughter’s screeming. I ran
to the garage where we kept the chickens and discovered something
had gotten a hold of the rooster and tried pulling him by the head out
of the cage. The head was successfully removed but the poor
rooster’s body remained in the cage. I was able to
calm my daughter down and assured her I would take care of it,
and so I bravely removed our rooster and while my daughter
watched the other 2 chickens, emptied and scrubbed down the

We raccoon proofed the chicken cage,and for many years to follow
we enjoyed the chickens company and little brown eggs. They took
several field trips to visit the people in nursing homes, and were the
models for artist and photographers who stopped by our place of

When my daughter graduated and moved on and out I had the
honor and pleasure of being their caretaker. They were excellent
listners, very observant, and great entertainers, as all our pets
seem to have these wonderful traits. I will miss our little white
frizzle, as I would greet them every morning; “hello ladies!”, and
my heart is sad as there is only one left. I found our little red chicken
snuggled against her sister as they would always do…

I have given our dog Marley strict instructions to keep the red
chicken company, as they share the garage together.
It has been 8 years and I wonder if I should give our red chicken
to a neighbor as for her not to get lonely, or has her 8 years
best to remain here….

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