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Michea Crawford, 26, has her sights set on supermodel status.

Back in 2003 when I first worked with Michea everyone involved just knew she had that fun and intense spark of style the fashion world so desperately searches for. If your a photographer, search Michea out. To see her working in front of the camera is to know that Michea Crawford is going to make her mark in the modelling world.
And now it looks like my home town is starting to pay some attention to Michea. While she was home from New York for the holidays, she sat down and chatted with Tony Lofaro about her career.

You can read the entire interview Linked Text as well as see a little photo shoot she did with the photographer.
For a really good idea of her work through the years check out the thread over at the Bellazon Forum HERE.

Best of Ottawa Readers Poll 2007

The Ottawa Xpress has finally acknowledged the existence of a much ignored musician here in Canada’s capital, by including Lindsay Ferguson in their “Best of 2007 Ottawa” Survey!!
There are a couple of Categories that I think Lindsay’s new Album ‘Sound’ should have been included in & they are as follows: Best Rock/Pop/Dance/Other Album & Best New Musical Artist or Group. I know she’s not “new” but she sort of is, now that Lindsay has her new album ‘Sound’ out people are starting to create a buzz!!
Also there is a “Best Live Show in 2007” category & seeing as Lindsay had a record-breaking attendance for her Cd Release Party, I thought it too could be classified as a “Best of”…
The one that Lindsay is up for is “Best Folk/Country Album” so be sure to check her name on that one.
Another close fr…

BFR - A photoshoot, not the last

I often take for granted the ease the working relationship is between Alexandra Rodionova and I. These pictures are a direct result of that comradery. If you where an onlooker on a shoot with Alex and I you would wonder why we hardly talk when we’re right in the middle of taking pictures. Well, we don’t need to communication, “stand this way, look that way, etc”. We know each others every move. Thus is the benefit of working with a muse.
Alas, these days must come to an end. After 5 years of working together Alex is going her own way. So all I have now are there archived photo shoots to share. I’m sure once in awhile we’ll team up again…
…in the mean time I guess I’m in the market for a new muse!
You can contact me at
Please include head shots and full body shots. hehe

Tybalt's Fall

These where shot the day before Fall, 2007.

My cat, Tybalt, had just died that morning, (14 years old).
Together with my extreme dissatisfaction with taking pictures of the normal and everyday, I found my grief pulling my gaze upwards. Straight up.
Standing directly under the edges of these gigantic trees I shot from the ground through the leaves directly straight up into the sky.
The lower the leaves, that darker they are. The higher the leaves, the brighter they are. The effect was caused by the sun setting behind a hill.
These where very very tall trees, (see number one for size comparison), so the very tips of the branches and leaves are what caught the fading light.
At the end of this road, as will all roads, life is for the living.
Continue here.

Tania Zygar - A study

This series of pictures was shot during the Summer of 2006. During that Summer I was going a little nuts with the amount of shoots I was doing. I think I did 18 shoots that Summer.
I’d never shot at Mooney’s Bay before. I’d always wanted to but just never found the right person to work with. I’d also been looking forward to shooting with Tania for what seemed like years! So now with the perfect location and the perfect model I was set!
I’m always blessed with the best weather when I shoot. I can’t even shoot in the rain if I planned it! This day with Tania is no different. And of course having a great looking woman helps!
Click here to view the full set of Tania’s pictures.

Zombie Alert for the Ottawa Valley!

Zombie’s have been spotted attacking door to door sales men, military forces, and house wives!
These zombies have also been spotted making out with each other, yes, zombies kiss!!! As well as riding bikes, attacking film crews, and washing ‘cloths’! What the hell!
Approach with extreme humor.
A local small town reporter was able to snap off a few dozen shots of these zombies in their rarely seen natural day to day environment. Click on the link below to view the exclusive pictures.

Parul Sharma - A Photo Shoot

Last November I had the privilege of working with 22 year old singer, songwriter, beauty queen and spectacular model, Parul Sharma. A born performer. Parul is hard at work with James Bryan, (Philosopher Kings, Prozzak, Fefe Dobson, Divine Brown, etc.) producing her debut CD. You can hear some of her new tracks by visiting her web site at
Those of you familiar with Parul’s style might be a little shocked with these pictures. My work with Parul has a very glamorous leaning towards the ‘artistic’ than what people are used to.
To view the entire set of shots, click here.

Ottawa Life Magazine

The new Summer Issue of Ottawa Life Magazine is out, and I’m all over this issue!
First we got the front cover. No surprise here that I teamed up with Alexandra Rodionova for this amazing shot. We came up with a great idea at the last moment. I love it when that happens. The Magazine also used another one of the cover shots for the main article, which I personally think is better than the cover shot. Then there is the two full page spread I shot at Hotel Indigo with Alex and Christiana, make-up by Erin Heather. This was a crazy shoot. Twelve hours! This shoot is going down as one of the hardest shoots I’ve done.
There are just some things you don’t expect to have problems with. Everything was great and wonderful till the exact moment we started shooting. Then everything goes wrong.
The light…

$5000 VCR dissected for the sake of art!

…or as I like to call it. “MicroChip Porn”.
A huge set of macro photographs taken of a high end $5000 Panasonic Editing Deck.
Except for the electronic boards, no piece is bigger than a golf ball. The
smallest piece, is about an 8th of an inch. All to often we see macro photography of electronics, and frankly, it bores me. So the goal here was to approach the style in my own perspective.
For the real guts of the why’s and how’s, each picture has a nice detailed
Below you’ll find a link the entire mega set!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait