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Best of Ottawa Readers Poll 2007

The Ottawa Xpress has finally acknowledged the existence of a much ignored musician here in Canada’s capital, by including Lindsay Ferguson in their “Best of 2007 Ottawa” Survey!!
There are a couple of Categories that I think Lindsay’s new Album ‘Sound’ should have been included in & they are as follows: Best Rock/Pop/Dance/Other Album & Best New Musical Artist or Group. I know she’s not “new” but she sort of is, now that Lindsay has her new album ‘Sound’ out people are starting to create a buzz!!
Also there is a “Best Live Show in 2007” category & seeing as Lindsay had a record-breaking attendance for her Cd Release Party, I thought it too could be classified as a “Best of”…
The one that Lindsay is up for is “Best Folk/Country Album” so be sure to check her name on that one.
Another close friend of mine, Rob Mclennan is also up for a ’Best of…" for his writing in the fiction/non-fiction/poetry work.
All of the categories have an “other” box, where I suggest you fill in whenever necessary.
SO! lets get Lindsay Ferguson on the map in the “BEST OF 2007” for the Ottawa Xpress!
And yes, many thanks in advance for taking the time to fill the survey out.
Please continue…

Lindsay’s new Album “Sound” is available on iTunes.
Rob’s writings can found on Chaudere Books.

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