Jef Harris

Ottawa, Canada

Jef harris Ottawa Canada. Fashion and portrait artist. Colorful creative makeup academy of the most chaotic kind. Based in Ottawa Canada....

Tybalt's Fall

These where shot the day before Fall, 2007.

My cat, Tybalt, had just died that morning, (14 years old).
Together with my extreme dissatisfaction with taking pictures of the normal and everyday, I found my grief pulling my gaze upwards. Straight up.
Standing directly under the edges of these gigantic trees I shot from the ground through the leaves directly straight up into the sky.
The lower the leaves, that darker they are. The higher the leaves, the brighter they are. The effect was caused by the sun setting behind a hill.
These where very very tall trees, (see number one for size comparison), so the very tips of the branches and leaves are what caught the fading light.
At the end of this road, as will all roads, life is for the living.
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