Jef Harris

Ottawa, Canada

Jef harris Ottawa Canada. Fashion and portrait artist. Colorful creative makeup academy of the most chaotic kind. Based in Ottawa Canada....

Tania Zygar - A study

This series of pictures was shot during the Summer of 2006. During that Summer I was going a little nuts with the amount of shoots I was doing. I think I did 18 shoots that Summer.
I’d never shot at Mooney’s Bay before. I’d always wanted to but just never found the right person to work with. I’d also been looking forward to shooting with Tania for what seemed like years! So now with the perfect location and the perfect model I was set!
I’m always blessed with the best weather when I shoot. I can’t even shoot in the rain if I planned it! This day with Tania is no different. And of course having a great looking woman helps!
Click here to view the full set of Tania’s pictures.

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